Green Day at Rockmount School

Reception Class conducting a biodiversity survey - what lives in the pond in our school grounds?

“Let’s show the world we care!” was the message from staff, pupils and parents at Rockmount School last Friday (4th May).

The school wanted to hold the Green Day to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Dressed in green, children made their way to school by bike, scooter or on foot, clutching ‘green pledges’. Those from further afield shared cars or took the bus, so that the normally congested road outside was quite empty. By contrast the bikes crowded round the racks in the school car park.

Rockmount will continue to encourage walking and cycling to school through a ‘Walk on Wednesdays’ scheme. Michael Wilson, head teacher of Rockmount said, “I am very keen that even in the winter months children make walking to school part of their day.”

As well as the usual lessons, children spent the day making junk jewellery, turning old clothes into shopping bags and designing solar powered hats.

Reception class searched for wildlife and discovered palmate newts, toads and frogs living in the pond and masonry bees and pied wagtails in their playground. Meanwhile Year 6 went wild about biodiversity, building bat and bird boxes to put them up in the playground, and making insect homes.

Croydon Council’s Recycling team paid a visit to Year 4, who carried out a survey of what is thrown away over lunch.

In the playground after school there were stalls where parents and children could buy cakes, swap books or get a free bicycle healthcheck from Dr Bike.

Karen Pernyes, a local mum who helped organise Green Day, said, “I believe the event really inspired the whole school community to think about environmental issues as well as creating a buzz about the school in general.”

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